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About Me


About Me

Many years ago, my family and I decided to seek a new life in New Zealand. Things were a lot different back then. We jumped on a plane, made our way over to Auckland, and started a new life. We did not know anyone and felt like Christopher Columbus exploring the new world.

We love New Zealand and are now proud citizens. Our hearts will always be South African, but New Zealand is home.

The journey from South Africans to Kiwis is fun, but not without its challenges. Because of these challenges and hurdles, we feel that the best way we can pay it forward as a family is to help those in the same situation.


We would have loved a bit of help when we embarked on the epic journey.



A great introduction to Kiwi life!

General advice on what you need to get started during your journey.

Set up banking, IRD Number, Drivers license conversions,
Temporary accommodation (i.e. AirBnB, TradeMe, Facebook Groups, Book-a-Bach, Backpackers, Self-contained cabins, FlatShare),
Join LOCAL Facebook Groups & Community Pages

It is our job to make your integration into New Zealand as smooth as possible.

I am very well-connected in the recruitment world and would love to assist you in helping you find your dream job! Just a word of caution though, I am not an immigration adviser and will not provide any advice on immigration matters, but I can help you out with just about anything else!

What people say

“Bronwyn and her family were amazing, they took all the guesswork out of finding out how to start a new life in a new strange country, her passion for helping people is amazing and she has played such an important party of our journey.”

— Juanita

"When I arrived without my family to set everything up for us, Bronwyn showed me the ropes and I was able to hit the ground running.  Without her advice and guidance I don't think our immigration would have been as smooth.

— Elmarie

"Bronwyn showed me the fun side of living in New Zealand.  Her husband even took me out fishing and showed me some of the great surfing spots.  The amount of advice they gave cannot be obtained from any travel site or immigration site.  These are good people that understand South Africans and how to get the most out of living in this beautiful country."

— Henrico

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